Graduate Research Associate Openings in the Applied Nano & Bio Photonics Group at University of Arkansas

The Applied Nano & Bio Photonics Group in Electrical Engineering Department of University of Arkansas has several Graduate Research Associate position openings starting from either Fall 2019 or Spring 2020. Our research projects include: i) design/fabricate/characterize/package advanced semiconductor optoelectronic devices for biomedical imaging applications; ii) develop novel optoelectronic devices using the innovative material integration techniques such as monolithic II/VI, IV (SiGeSn) and III/V integration; iii) develop innovative technology to use extremely low power laser to induce ultra-high frequency mechanic vibrations in human body to inactivate virus and stimulate neuron cells; iv) develop nanopackaging technology to integrate multi-functional nano-system and to provide low cost and high performance interface with external environments; v) design/fabricate/characterize high efficient plasmonic solar cells; vi) develop high frequency(THz) devices and circuits for nanotubes and nanowires.

Students with a master degree in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Mechanic Engineering, Material Science, Biology or Biomedical Engineering are encouraged to apply. Students with only bachelor degree from above fields will also be considered provided high GPA and strong research interests. A TOEFL score is necessary to meet the minimum requirements of graduate school admission. A GRE score is recommended but is NOT required. The admitted student can either enroll in the Ph.D. program of Electrical Engineering department or an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program (Micro-Electronics and Photonics) with faculty members coming from both science and engineering departments. Besides the standard salary and tuition waiver, the excellent students will also be considered the prestigious fellowship with extra $20,000. Interested applicants should send application package including CV and transcripts to Professor Shui-Qing (Fisher) Yu through email

Postdoctoral Research Associate Positions

We are seeking highly motivated individuals for one or more postdoctoral positions available immediately. Applicants should have strong background in one of the following areas: epitaxial growth (MOCVD, CVD and MBE) of semiconductor materials (Group IV and III/V), processing and testing of optoelectronic active devices (lasers, LED, photovoltaics, and detectors) and passive devices (waveguides, modulators, switches and WDMs). Application should be sent directly to Prof. Shui-Qing (Fisher) Yu at