Research Areas

The development of nano-scale devices requires endless search to modern fabrication techniques. Through photolithography, electron beam lithography, metal deposition, dry etching, and process integration, we can regularly produce complicated structures such as fishnet with 70nm feature size on various substrates. We have demonstrated innovative semiconductor optoelectronic devices integrated with nano-scale metallic nanostructures. Our fabricated single nanowire devices reveal very good process integration techniques.

GeSn Optoelectronic Device Development
Our research group, along with collaborators from other universities and industry, are working on developing novel optoelectronics based on Si, Ge, and Sn material systems compatible with modern Si electronics processing facilities. Our research in this field is on two major fronts: (1) material deposition methods, and (2) device design and processing.

III-V Bi Material MBE Growth
III-V materials alloyed with bismuth (Bi) has opened new possibilities for bandgap engineering for optoelectronic devices operating in the near and mid infrared. Currently, we focus on developing high performance light emitting devices, particularly laser diodes. Utilizing Bi alloys to tune the bandgaps of III-V materials for optoelectronic devices permits coverage of the near infrared from GaAs substrates and the mid infrared from GaSb substrates. Applications including telecommunications, biomedical imaging, and military applications, such as missile counter measures can all be covered using these two substrates.


Applied Nano & Bio Photonics Technologies
We are exploring innovative technologies to use extremely low power laser light to induce high frequency mechanic vibrations to inactive virus or stimulate neuron cells. On the basis of these technologies, we are currently developing the appropriate light source, embedded biomedical devices, and biomedical instruments. For the small objects such as virus, there are also a lot of fundamental physics problems to address. This is really an exciting area with tremendous opportunities!