Current News


April 2019 – Our Group Selected for the Prestigious DOD’s MURI Grant

Fayetteville (AR): Our research group has been selected as one of this year’s twenty-four (24) recipients of the highly-competitive Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) grant from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The prestigious award through the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) is justified under the project title ”Understanding and Breaking the Material Barriers of SiGeSn Alloys for Infrared Devices” for the special topic category ”Group-IV Alloy Synthesis and Materials Properties”. The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville led-grant is jointly awarded to a team of world-class researchers from Arizona State University, Dartmouth University, George Washington University and the University of Massachusetts, Boston. See link for official University and DoD press release and award details.

Editor’s Pick – Again!

August 2019 – Optical Materials Express recognizes contribution to materials research

The fall season is  off to a great start as we welcome news recognizing our group’s contribution to semiconductor materials research and application. Our recently published work on ” UHV-CVD growth of high quality GeSn using SnCl4: from material growth development to prototype device” was selected as this month’s editor’s pick by the Optical Materials Express Journal and we couldn’t be more excited. Be sure to visit our conference and journals section to be caught up with our most research updates.

New Publication Alert – & World Record Too!

Spring 2019 – ACS Photonics accepts Optically Pumped GeSn Laser Paper

We announce the acceptance of our optical pumping laser manuscript in ACS Photonics Journal. The publication details recent operational revelations of optically pumped edge-emitting devices at 270K. Findings on these exotic GeSn lasers were demonstrated on ridge and planar waveguide structures as enabled by novel CVD material growth. Please see our journal section and official university news release for fuller details.


Summer 2019 –  NASA EPSCoR grant awarded to team of distinguished researchers.

By teaming with Prof. Zhong Cheng, Prof. Gregory Salamo, and colleagues from UAPB, our proposal “High Speed Electronic Devices Using SiGe on Sapphire Technology for Advanced NASA Space Communications” was selected for a $750,000 NASA EPSCoR award. In this project, we will develop novel rhombohedral phase SiGe grown on sapphire for high speed electronics. This work originally started through a collaboration with Dr. Sang Choi from NASA Langley center and evolved over the years. We are excited to continue this fruitful collaboration.

SPIE Scholarship Recognition

Spring 2019 – Doctoral Candidate Awarded SPIE Distinguished Education Fellowship

BELLINGHAM, Washington, USA – 20 May 2019 – Oluwatobi ”Tobi” Olorunsola has been awarded a 2019 Optics and Photonics Education Scholarship by SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics for his potential contributions to the field of optics, photonics or related field. Tobi will be the third recipient of this grand award in the history of our university. Congratulations!

Alumni News

Spring 2019 – Yu Lab’s Alumni earns national award for highest Google citation.

Yu Lab’s Alumni and University of Wasit Professor, Sattar Al-Kabi (Ph.D.) recently received the award for the ”highest H-index google scholar citation recognition” by the Governor of Wasit, Iraq. The award recognizes innovative and high-impact contributions by a scientist and ranks the overall national highest amongst colleges and research centres in Iraq. Dr. Al-Kabi attributed this meritorious accomplishment to the quality of his Ph.D. work here. We wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

Award Announcements

Spring 2019 – Dr. Wei Du receives Wilkes University’s Outstanding Faculty Award.

 Dr. Du was recently announced Wilkes University’s Outstanding New Faculty Award recipient for the 2018-2019 academic session. The award honors the accomplishments and contributions of a second or third-year junior faculty at Wilkes who has shown excellence at and demonstrated outstanding initiatives in and outside of the classroom. He received this meritorious award shortly on the count of the second year of his appointment with the University. We are super-proud of your strides, Dr. Du. Our congratulations are in order!

Spring 2019 – Graduation Update

Congratulations to our newest graduate!!! Joshua ”Matt” Grant successfully defended his masters thesis on the topic ”Investigation of Critical Technologies of Chemical Vapor Deposition for Advanced (Si)GeSn Materials. As an extension of his masters work, Matt will continue to lead our growth and characterization efforts as he immediately resumes PhD studies.

Spring 2019 – JVST Publication Accepted

2019 is off to a great start as we announce the acceptance of our recent submission to the Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology. This work feature our effort in understanding the chemistry and kinetics governing hydrides/chlorides in GeSn epitaxial CVD growth. Do see our  journal’s page for more details.

Fall 2018 – Graduation Updates

We are proud to announce the meritorious achievements of two of our graduate students who completed their degrees this Fall. Bader Alharthi successfully defended his PhD dissertation on the title ”Growth and Characterization of SiGeSn Semiconductors via PECVD for Future Nanophotonics Devices’’ while Hironaka Takayuki through his work on ‘’Exfoliation, Synthesis, and Characterization of Nanoscale Te” defended his Masters thesis. We wish Dr. Alharthi and Takayuki the best in the future endeavors!

Accepted Paper Announcements

Two of our most recent submissions have been accepted in the Optical Materials Express and Applied Physics Letters Journals. The publications detail our findings on GeSn growth by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition as well as recent revelations of 800K drop spontaneous quantum efficiency investigation for future power electronics. Please visit our journal section details.

Editor’s Pick? Yeah!

Our 2018 paper on ”Crystalline GeSn Growth by Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition” made it to Optical Material Express editor’s pick.

September 2018 – New Publications Alert!

We are thrilled to announce the acceptance of three of our most recent research findings in Optics Letters, Optical Materials Express and Nanotechnology. These work include profound studies on GeSn plasma growth, direct bandgap investigations of GeSn/GeSn double quantum wells and our optically pumped GeSn capabilities. See journal/publications section for details.

July 2018 – NSF Grant Award

Drs. Fisher Yu and Greg Salamo have just been awarded a 3-year NSF grant on the study of ”Quantum Interfaces for dissimilar materials”. The research hoped is to provide significant insights to the design of material interfaces. Congratulations to the team!

July 2018 – New PhDs & MS Degrees Students
We are excited to welcome four new additions to the research group: Solomon Ojo, Tobi Olorunsola, Sylvester Amoah and Jake Bass. Solomon and Jake will be pursuing MS degrees while Sylvester and Tobi are on the PhD track. We wish them the very best in their research endeavors.  


Plenary Talk:
Dr. Fisher Yu recently gave a plenary talk titled, “Development of SiGeSn Technique towards Integrated Mid-Infrared Photonics Applications” at the IEEE Summer Topical meeting held in Waikoloa, Hawaii, USA.
July 2018 – Upcoming Conferences & Plenary Talks
For a fuller update of the group’s research progress, please be sure to attend our talks in the upcoming conferences below:
15th International Conference on Group IV Photonics, Cancun, Mexico
Aug. 29-31, 2018
Speaker: Dr. Fisher S. Yu
Title: “Development of SiGeSn Technique towards Integrated Mid-Infrared Photonics Applications”
Americas International meeting on Electrochemistry & Solid State Science, Cancun, Mexico
Sept. 30 – Oct. 4, 2018
Title: ‘’Development of Si-Based SiGeSn Technique Towards Short-Wave and Mid-Infrared Applications’’



June 2018 – Yu’s Lab graduates three PhDs!
We celebrate the graduation of three Ph.D. students in our group: Wei Dou, Thach Pham, and PC Grant.  We highly value their contribution to our group.  Farewell to these fellows working years with us.  Wish them all the best in their future career. 

(Wei is going to work in Applied Material, Inc.  Thach will join N5 Sensors, Inc.  PC is employed by Air Force Research Lab.)

June 2018
Collaborating with Dr. Fisher Yu’s lab in UA, UAPB received $735,000 research grant from U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research for Middle-Infrared Si-photonics for Integrated Microwave Photonics.   UA is the sub-award and will get 50% of funding.  The project proposes to conduct an innovative basic research to investigate the feasibility of obtaining a fully Integrated Microwave Photonics (IMWP) platform on Si substrate.

June 2018
Dr. Fisher Yu received $600,000 from U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research for Room temperature continuous wave SiGeSn/GeSn quantum well lasers monolithically integrated on Si.  The project will seek the answer to a fundamental question:  Would GeSn based lasers ever be able to be used as the light source for Si photonic integration?


June 2018
Dr. Fisher Yu received $145,109 equipment award from U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research for Acquisition of an Upgrading Kit for SiGeSn Epitaxy to Develop a Material Foundry for SiGeSn Based Optoelectronics.  The funding will provide the community accessing high-quality SiGeSn material with affordable cost.


June 2018
Congratulations to P. C. Grant for success on Ph.D. dissertation defense.  His topic is “GeSn Thin Film Epitaxy and Quantum Wells for Optoelectronic Devices”.  His made great contribution on GeSn/Ge synthesis using UHV-CVD system and characterization of GeSn QWs.  We sincerely hope he will have a bright future on his career. 


May 2018
We have Arkansas NASA EPSCoR Project Review Meeting on May 24th.  The team of UA Fayetteville, UA Little Rock, UA Pine Bluff joined together and had series of presentations during Dr. Sang Choi’s visit. 


May 2018
Congratulations to Wei Dou for successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation.   His topic is “High-Sn-Content GeSn Alloy towards Room-Temperature Mid Infrared Laser”.  He made a great contribution to our GeSn growth, characterization, and laser devices study.  We wish him the best on the next step of his career. 


May 2018
Our research group presents 5 presentations in CLEO 2018, San Jose, CA.  The topics include GeSn MQW characterization, GeSn optically pumped laser,  GeSn photodiode, QD Single Photon Detection, and high-temperature PL study of InGaN/GaN MQWs.  For more info, please check our conference presentations.


April 2018
Congratulations to Thach Pham for successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation.   His topic is “Si-Based Germanium Tin Photodetectors for Short-Wave and Mid-Wave Infrared Detections”.  He made a great contribution to our GeSn photodetector development and study.  We wish him the best on the next step of his career. 


April 2018
Our research team (Dr. Fisher Yu; Dr. Greg Salamo; Dr. Yang Zhang; and colleagues from Dartmouth and the University of Wisconsin) recently presented work in ACS Photonics on studying single photons detection using capacitive coupling of single quantum dots.   More info please check in UA news.


February 2018
By a contribution of the whole team, we demonstrated GeSn optically pumped laser operation at 180 K.  The work was published in ACS Photonics.   The key results of this work show a major advance toward laser sources for integrated photonics.  Please find more information in the UA news and Laser Focus World.


February 2018
Our recently published journal article was selected as Editor’s Pick. The work demonstrated the GeSn/GeSn single quantum well grown on GeSn buffer, achieving type-I alignment direct band gap emission.  Please find more information in AIP Advances.


February 2018
Congratulations to our previous group members, Seyed Amir Ghetmiri and Aboozar Mosleh (Salman), on their new career 
as tenure-track faculty in University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff (UAPB).  They are joining the Chemistry and Physics Department.  Amir will serve as Assistant Professor of Physics and Mathematics and Salman will serve as Assistant Professor of Nanoscience Physics  More intensive collaboration will be conduct between UAF and UAPB.  More info can be found from press release from UAPB: Salman; Amir.


January 2018
Our research member, Dr. Yang Zhang, joins to ASU MBE optoelectronics group for his future career.  We congratulate his new position at ASU and wish him all the best!

November 2017
Our research team (Dr. Hugh Churchill, Dr. Fisher Yu, Dr. Greg Salamo, Dr. Salvador Barraza-Lopez, and Dr. Jin Hu ) recently moved forward on the research initiative aiming to study single atom chains with exfoliated Tellurium.  For more information please find in the Publication and UA news.


August, 2017
Dr. Ben Conley was recently recognized as the finalist of the CNR Concept Challenge.  Nine finalists were selected out of over 200 submissions.  His awarded project is to develop a new type of uncooled thermal infrared sensor.  Dr. Conley graduated from our research group in 2014.  He is currently an employee of the NSWC Crane.  Check for more info.


August, 2017
Dr. Fisher Yu was elected to serve as conference chair for the 14th International Conference on Mid-IR Optoelectronics: Materials and Devices.  Check for more info.


August, 2017
Professor Samir El-Ghazaly and Shui-Qing “Fisher” Yu have been awarded a grant of $250,000 to develop an integrated microwave photonics chip.  Check for more info.


July, 2017
Dr. Fisher Yu was elected to chair the IEEE Photonics Society Summer Conference series for the third consecutive year. Check for more info.


July, 2017
Our previous group member, Dr. Wei Du, joins Wilkes University as Assistant Professor.  Congratulations to Dr. Du for his new faculty position!

June, 2017
We welcome Lauren Corby joining our group as REU student for summer 2017.  She will participate the research training and practice during the session.


May, 2017
Dr. Sang Choi visited our lab for the NASA EPSCoR program review.  We feel excited to report our progress and exchange ideas.

May, 2017
We congratulate Sattar passed his Ph.D. defense.  He had a lot of achievements during the past few years, which make his work outstanding.  We appreciate all his work for the group.

October, 2016
We gathered our friends and families at Veteran’s Memorial Park to have the bbq, celebrating our recent achievements and Amir’s graduation.

October, 2016
We welcome our new postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Yang Zhang, to the group. He will join our DARPA/ARO project working on the single-photon detector.
More info about Dr. Zhang: click here

October, 2016
Our optically pumped GeSn double heterostructure (DHS) laser was published in Applied Physics Letter.  Benefiting from the DHS, the laser features lower threshold and higher operating temperature.  The paper is available online:

August, 2016
DOE EPSCoR awarded the collaborative research project among three research groups in UA (Dr. Chen, Dr. Yu, and Dr. Mantooth).

More Info: click here

August, 2016
DARPA/ARO DETECT Program awarded the collaborative research project among Dartmouth Colledge (Dr. Jifeng Liu) and two research groups in UA (Dr. Fisher Yu and Dr. Greg Salamo).

More Info: click here

July, 2016
We are blessed to have two REU students , Randy Quinde and Bria Collier working with us this summer.  We appreciate their efforts wish them the all best in the future.

June, 2016
Warm welcome Dr. Sang Choi for the NASA grant monitor.  We feel excited not only to show him our teamwork but to have a plenty of insightful discussions.

March, 2016
Congratulations to Sattar for the success on his Candidacy Exam.

March, 2016
AFOSR-SBIR awarded the collaborative research project among Arktonics, ASM, and our research group in UA.

September, 2015
Our CVD now has the capability of gas mixing component for uniform growth and accurate flow rate control.

August, 2015
Our group joined together near Lake Wedington for the picnic.  We congratulate Aboozar Mosleh’s passing of his Ph.D. defense and farewell to the leaving member, Dr. Wei Du.

August, 2015
Welcome Joshua M. Grant (Matt) joining our research group.  He was the REU student joining the growth research last summer.  He started his MS. study in MicroEP program this fall semester.

August, 2015
Farewell to Dr. Wei Du and congratulate on his new position in UAPB.  He made tremendous contribution on group research and management in recent years.  We will keep colaborate between two campus in the future.

July, 2015
Summer REU session has come to the end.  Farewell to Eleni and wish the best on her future study.

June, 2015
We received the NASA/EPSCoR grant for the investigation of cost-effective solar devices for areospace application. For more info, please check the news release: click here

June, 2015
Our group was awarded from the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP). This award will use to support the advanced optical and electrical characterization system.

June, 2015
Warm welcome to Eleni-James Becton, the REU student for Summer 2015.  She will join the research activities and have the opportunity to experience our advanced research.